The CUEX Capital Farmer NFT

The Farmer NFT is very important to the CCAP ecosystem.

🎁 We are moving to a new staking model with free pools and premium pools.

✅ Free pools are open to everyone but have much lower rates then premium pools.

✅ Premium pools require the Farmer NFT. Only 10,000 will ever be minted.

Each Farmer NFT is the same, but each one has an issue number given at random to each holder upon minting.

These numbers are used to give extra selleable value.

For instance if you mint issue number #1, this in theory is the best number to get as opposed to 10,000.

All NFT's do the same utility wise, but this number is to give each NFT a unique sellable aspect and may come into play in the future in other ways.

Staking APR's will be much higher to Farmer NFT holder!

This NFT requires Polygon Network and Matic tokens.

CUEX Capital (CCAP) Explained

What is CUEX Capital?
CCAP is a new DEFI 3.0 token using FAAS investment strategies to increase the treasury value and pass the profits to holders via staking, reflections and nodes.
CUEX Capital Dashboard
The CCAP dashboard will allow holders to track their balances and staking. 

It will also allow users to see the liquidity added and the treasury balance, including buybacks and treasury investments.

It will also be the home for the DAO and Nodes, which are coming soon.
CUEX Capital Dashboard

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DEFI 3.0 with DAO, Nodes and Legacy DEFI
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