Welcome to CUEX Capital (CCAP)

CCAP is a taxed token (10% on all transactions)
5% is added to liquidity
5% is added to the treasury (FAAS)

The treasury is used to make investments in other projects and to pass profits to holders via reflections, staking and nodes.

🔥 The First staking pool is live with more coming soon!

Contract Address:

The CUEX Capital Farmer NFT

The Farmer NFT is very important to the CCAP ecosystem.

🎁 We are moving to a new staking model with free pools and premium pools.

✅ Free pools are open to everyone but have much lower rates then premium pools.

✅ Premium pools require the Farmer NFT. Only 10,000 will ever be minted.

Each Farmer NFT is the same, but each one has an issue number given at random to each holder upon minting.

These numbers are used to give extra selleable value.

For instance if you mint issue number #1, this in theory is the best number to get as opposed to 10,000.

All NFT's do the same utility wise, but this number is to give each NFT a unique sellable aspect and may come into play in the future in other ways.

Staking APR's will be much higher to Farmer NFT holder!

CCAP creates growth through its staking, reflections and benefits through the treasury investments(FAAS).
Price And Demand
CCAP Increases liquidity, price and demand through holder benefits and FAAS features which are yielded to holders.
DEFI 3.0 through FAAS whilst keeping proven methods such as staking and reflections and nodes.


Max Supply: 100 Billion
This supply is fixed forever cannot be increased.
Version 1 Holders
Version 1 holders bought at a much higher price than the CCAP version 2 fair launch.
Team tokens
There are no tokens reserved for the team.

10% Transaction Tax Explained

5% To CCAP Liquidity
This will give CCAP a great depth of liquidity in the future, ensuring a higher price floor over time. When the liquidity is strong we can move this to the treasury.
5% To CCAP Treasury
The primary use of the treasury is for FAAS investments. These profits are then passed to holders via claiming, staking or nodes. The treasury can also be used for marketing.

CUEX Capital (CCAP) Explained

What is CUEX Capital?
CCAP is a new DEFI 3.0 token using FAAS investment strategies to increase the treasury value and pass the profits to holders via staking, reflections and nodes.
CUEX Capital Dashboard
The CCAP dashboard will allow holders to track their balances and staking. 

It will also allow users to see the liquidity added and the treasury balance, including buybacks and treasury investments.

It will also be the home for the DAO and Nodes, which are coming soon.
CUEX Capital Dashboard

CUEX Capital Roadmap

CCAP Fair Launch
Friday 25th March 2022
Multiple CCAP Audits
CCAP will undergo at least two audits.
The treasury will be used for marketing at the beginning of the project.
The treasury will be used for investments once we maintain $1-2M market cap.
CMC and CoinGecko
We already have listings from version 1, so version 2 will be updated after launch.
Callers and Influencers
We have started talks with big influencers and callers for our launch and post launch.
Liquidity Locks
All liquidity will be locked for 90 day intervals using team.finance
Staking Launch
CUEX will launch it's staking mechanism, once staking has ended, we will then turn on reflections.
NFT Nodes will allow holders to earn additional income from our FAAS investments and Nodes will also boost staking rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Ask our community in the Telegram Group.
When is fair launch happening?
Friday 25th February 2022
What marketing activities do you plan?
Since this is a fair launch, all marketing will happen via the treasury fund as it builds. We have already started talks with influencers and callers.
Will there be an airdrop?
No airdrops are planned.
What is version 1 and version 2?
Version 1 was CUEX which had a previous launch. The version 1 contract had an issue and therefore the community voted to relaunch version 2 as a fair launch with a much lower market cap.

Version 2 is re-launching at a much lower market cap than version 1. 

All version 1 holders paid much more per token that the fair launch token price of version 2.

Version 2 gives all version 1 holders the chance to re-buy much lower whilst keeping their original tokens and version 2 gives new investors the chance to buy much lower than version 1 holders bought.

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